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Paul Speckmann

Underground Survivor - The Pictorial
 | Art.No.: 3001
ISBN: 9783943515145
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Volume: 196 pages
Mass: 20.8 x 29.3 cm

Hardcover book with notes and anecdotes in English and German language in an issue.
synthetic leather cover with crocodile embossing

Paul Speckmann, (Born 28.09.1963 in Chicago, USA) be described as a living legend is not excessive, his influence on Formation and Evolution of Death-Metal quotes is undisputed and often cited. Generations of musicians rely when questioned about their influences on bands under the direction of Paul Speckmann and designate it as the biggest impetus. This book impressively illustrated the path of Paul Speckmann , beginning in his youth and the first musical attempts, to the Metal ICON modern times. It shows for the first time the lovely people and musicians, both on and off the stages of the world, in private life and in the public eye. 2013, the birthday of this exceptional artist marks the 50th time. Is there a better time for this release ? We think IT IS OVERDUE!